Minority Millennials & Urban League Police Officer Recruitment Conversation With Suffolk PD

Urban League of Long Island co-hosted a police officer recruitment conversation for the Suffolk County Police Department with Minority Millennials Inc because we know an empowered community makes change happen. We talked about changing narratives and removing stigmas and encourage more black youth to apply.

We kept it raw and grassroots.

There are many stigmas minority millennials face when thinking of becoming a police officer but ultimately the changes start with us.

If we want proof of progress we have to start taking non-traditional routes and disrupting the foundations of our communities in a positive way.

We are very happy to say proudly we inspired over people to register for the test. From conversation to action. No more talk about changes, we don’t have the time!

Thank you Minority Millennials for partnering with us in this effort and Deputy Police Commissioner Risco Mention-Lewis for all the tireless work you do in our communities. We salute you and know you are not alone.

Check out the gallery for all the pictures.

Take the test! Joinscpd.com

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